A collection of moments

Over the last decade, found objects have begun to occupy an increasing amount of territory on the desk of our creative director, Scott Poulson. Ranging from beach finds to a stone brought back from the Valley of the Kings, they have each earned their place through natural visual appeal and the ability to mark a significant moment in time. specialdesignstudio.co.uk/calmandcollected

Wood (unidentified species) from Cart Gap Beach, Norfolk, England, 2014
Sandstone from Cantabria, Spain, 2015
Portland Limestone from The Isle of Portland, Devon, UK, 2016
Wood (species unidentified) from Ko Nom Sao, Khao Sam Roi YOT National Park, Thailand, 2009
Iron Spring from Happisburgh Beach, Norfolk, UK, 2013
Shell Breccia from Playa de la Barrossa, Andalucia, Spain, 2008
Metamorphosed Mudstone from Alnmouth, Northumberland, England, 2007
Iron Stone from Cart Gap Beach, Norfolk, UK, 2014
Siltstone from Los Romanes, Andalucia, Spain, 2017
Breccia from Lyme Regis, England, 2016
Rock from The Great Sphinx of Giza from Giza Plateau on the west bank of the Nile in Giza, Egypt, 1994. Gift from Grandfather.
Coral from Yanui Beach, Rawai, Phuket, Thailand, 2016
Fossilised Sea Urchin from Cart Gap Beach, Norfolk, England, 2017
Burmese Alabaster from The Big Budda, Karon, Mueang, Phuket, Thailand, 2016
Slate from Callander, Perthshire, Scotland, 2007
Schist from Lyme Regis, UK, 2016
Copper rod from Metelec Ltd, Vulcan Industrial Estate, Leamore lane, Bloxwich, Walsall, England, 2017
Mudstone with Quartz from Lyme Regis, UK, 2016
Oak from Manorbier, Perthshire, Wales, 2008
Wood (unidentified species) from Manorbier, Perthshire, Wales, 2008
Mudstone from Khao Phing Kan, Phang Nga Bay, Phuket, Thailand, 2016

Wood (unidentified species)Cart Gap Beach, Norfolk, England2014